How to access public internet (GrapheneOS)

I got Tailscale setup so my GrapheneOS device can access Umbrel on local network, but i cant use anything else.

How can i configure GrapheneOS to route other traffic through different VPN, or configure Tailscale to let IPs outside of 10.* to go through?

Tailscale allows connections between devices that have tailscale installed. If you need to access additional devices in your home network you will need to install tailscale on them. If that’s not possible you will need to set up a device in your home network that can route tailscale traffic from your Graphene OS device through to the device you need access to. There is good explanation here:

Having re-read your original post I’ve realised your question might be related to to exit nodes. IE the ability to use you Graphene device to access the Public Internet via your home network. In that case, you need to look at exit-nodes:

Thank you for the answers. I just need the GrapheneOS phone to access regular internet in addition to Tailscale IPs. This seems like it should be the default option, but whenever i tried to open any url say, i get ERR_NETWORK_ACCESS_DENIED.

I tried to enable exit node on the umbrel and configured GrapheneOS phone to use the Umbrel exit node but it didnt work either.

When disabling Tailscale, i can access public internet fine.

Omg. It works. I had to disable the GrapheneOS network setting “block connections without VPN” and it works.

I wish i could configure that traffic to go through anothee VPN rather than directly, but this works.

That’s good news, I’m glad you managed to get it sorted.