How golink works

I read on tailscale blog about a new service golink, actually don’t understand what does it do and its application. it is said golink is a private URL shortener service for tailnets, without requiring browser extensions. what does it mean? let’s say I can browse youtube on one tailnet and watch youtube on other tailnet without using browser!! I need clarification on this.

Using your example, the use case is more like: Instead of typing you could instead type go/youtube and be redirected to YouTube at the former address. This isn’t quite so useful for simple top level addresses like YouTube, it’s slightly more useful for deep links or internal systems that may not have easy to remember links. So for example if you have a server running in your house named something like my-server-with-a-really-long-name or something, you could create a link in your golink service called myln and type go/myln and be directed to that server. Or if you use something like Confluence for internal documentation and have an article that people refer to a lot that has an address like https://confluence.some.internal.domain/confluence/company-name/space-name/some-article/some-sub-article/really-important-information you could create a link called important and get directed to it using go/important.

Also stated, though somewhat quietly, in the blog post is that this service is NOT available by default as a running service for everyone. You have to host your own copy of the service somewhere on your tailnet to make use of it.


Thanks, well noted now I understand how it works