Help with Split DNS Conflict Setting up AWS RDS

I’m doing a POC of Tailscale at work specifically focused on accessing RDS instances without having to SSH into a bastion host first. This worked great and I had no trouble setting it up. I followed the guide on this topic which includes setting up Split DNS so that users can access RDS instances using machine names instead of IPs.

The problem here is that by having a Split DNS entry for then means that accessing the console or the cli while connected to Tailscale routes all traffic through the Tailscale network causing requests to never complete. I’m fairly new to networking so entirely possible I’m doing something wrong. This seems like it would be a common problem though.

Is the answer just to not be connected to Tailscale? Any guidance would be appreciated as this will almost surely come up during our trial.

The DNS server AWS provides in each VPC will also answer for compute.internal: DNS attributes for your VPC - Amazon Virtual Private Cloud

So you can use compute.internal instead of


Awesome, that works perfectly. Thanks for the quick response.