Health check: not in map poll

When running the ‘tailscale status’ command on Linux, it sometimes shows the message “Health check: not in map poll”. What does it mean and how do I resolve it (if necessary)?

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Tailscaled normally issues an HTTPS request to the coordination server and just leaves it open, called a map poll (or “long poll”).

The error means that not only does tailscaled not currently have a long poll open to the coordination server, but it has been at least 10 seconds since it did.

Does the system seem to have any difficulty contacting or On Linux, you can see its logs using journalctl -u tailscaled -since="10 minutes ago"

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Thanks for the info. The message comes and goes. Sometimes it’s there for hours, other times just a few minutes. I’m able to ping both of those addresses without issue. I’m using a PiHole DNS server and I can see the logs where those addresses are successfully resolved. The journalctl logs for tailscaled don’t seem to show any errors or related information.

Is the machine either heavily loaded, or perhaps needing to page memory in and out?

tailscaled doesn’t know why it is out of contact for 10+ seconds, just that it is.

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That shouldn’t be the issue. It’s got moderate specs (7th gen i5, 16GB RAM, M.2 SSD) just doing basic home tasks on Fedora 35.

Been keeping an eye on it over the past few days and it’s not in the map poll more often than it is. There have also been times where my connection is going through a relay on networks that usually allow a direct connection.