Funnel with a tagged device

Is it possible to use funnels with a tagged device? I enabled a funnel that is a proxy for localhost:8096 while I was signed in as a user. Then tagged the device. Output of tailscale serve status is:

C:\Users\steve>tailscale serve status (Funnel on)
|-- / proxy

If I am logged in to the tailnet, the URL works, but otherwise it doesn’t work. It has been roughly 10 hours since I enabled the funnel.

So I logged back in without the tags, and it started working right away, so it appears that Funnels won’t work on tagged devices.

Funnel definitely works on tagged devices

Funnel can take way longer than 10 hours to start working, I’m guessing this is because it’s an alpha feature & tailscale fires up special virtual machines on their end for this feature

my funnel acl looks like this

“target”: [“*”],
“attr”: [“funnel”]


Turns out there isn’t enough bandwidth to do what I wanted anyways. I sometimes want to stream video remotely (IE: when I am travelling) from my Emby server, but the max bandwidth I could get was 1 Mbps.

ahh I see
May I know how you tested the max bandwidth through funnel?

Emby has the ability to specify a target bit rate for video transcoding. The max I could do was 1 Mbps.

That doesn’t mean I found the max bandwidth though, only that I couldn’t reliably stream any video over 1 Mbps.