FR: ChromeOS (Chrome) Extension?

why no android?

This may be rooted in some controversial opinions, but I don’t like android apps on chromebooks in general. I tend to do most of my work through browser+terminal, and Chromebook with SecureShell gets me through my days… and when hardware dies it’s easy to replace and get going (no local state).

… and so, with android runtime disabled, my battery lasts longer and I get more ram for my browser tabs …

… I know some folks deploy ChromeOS devices super locked down with ARC disabled for security reasons, perhaps even on kiosks and pos terminals and so on, this may be useful to them, but I’m not one of those folks, … just a home user.

What if there was a variant of tailscaled in the form of a chrome extension?

IIRC theoretically, building go libraries for extensions should work with GOOS=js GOARCH=wasm. There’s a socks5 proxy that some people use with tailscaled in containers that may be usable here as well depending on whether we can listen on a port from an extension, or not. …

… have you people from Tailscale, or anyone else, thought about this mode of using Tailscale?

edit: hmm, there’s apparently a chrome.VpnProvider API with onPacketReceived(callback) and sendPacket methods.

Not exactly what you where looking for, but it does look like tailscale in the browser is coming…