Forward traffic to specific domains through second server

I’m using VPS server in Sweden as tailscale exit node. So all traffic from my devices is routed through Sweden. I also have a VPS server in Germany. Is there any way to route traffic from my devices accessing *.de domains through Sweden tailscale and then through German VPS (maybe using openvpn or something else)?
So if I try to load “” it will route through Sweden.
And if I load “” it will route through Sweden->Germany.

The closest thing I can think of is to use subnet routes instead of an exit node. When you --advertise-routes=..., they can be any IPs including the public IP addresses of and Your tailscale nodes will then direct all traffic to through the subnet router in Sweden which is advertising that IP address, and all traffic to through the subnet router in Germany.

I don’t immediately know of a way to scale that up to be every website in Germany and Sweden. That list of IP addresses to advertise would be very long and fairly dynamic (only a small percentage would change, but there would be change).