Forward real ip wan NAT connections to remote tailscale node

I need to stream an UDP Mpeg-ts video that need to receive incoming connections, but the windows workstation can’t receive nat incoming connection because it is in Sim card LTE mode.

Therefore I need that the windows node use a remote PFSENSE tailscale node in “exit node” and PFSENSE with open input ports, NAT the incoming connection on the public real IP to the windows tailscale node.

Could be possibile this configuration?

Please let me know, I need urgently to be able to stream out.

Thank you.

pfSense is not working with Tailscale yet. The binaries do run (though not tested thoroughly), but pfSense has its own init system mechanism using PHP and does not use the FreeBSD mechanisms. The FreeBSD ports packaging for Tailscale does not start at boot on pfSense.

Linux systems, even a Raspberry Pi device, do work as exit nodes and would likely be better for this application.

Also looking forward to pfsense support, is this something that’s already in the roadmap, or is it worth raising it as a feature request over on GitHub?

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There is an issue for pfSense support at Package for pfSense to utilize Tailscale · Issue #787 · tailscale/tailscale · GitHub, which you could subscribe to for updates.

There has been some work done on a pfSense package in FreeBSD-ports/security/pfSense-pkg-tailscale at tailscale · DentonGentry/FreeBSD-ports · GitHub

Thanks for that, didn’t take too long to get it all up and running :slight_smile: