Firewalla - persistent install

Firewalla is a Gateway device that runs Ubuntu 18.04 LTS. I’d like to have it be the VPN point that runs TailScale and routes into my internal services.

I can follow the Ubuntu 18.04 instructions and it is installed on Firewalla and runs great! The issue is persistence.

If I reboot the Firewalla Gold router, it removes the custom APT sources and Tailscale.
Upon reinstalling, I now have two “Firewalla” devices in the TailScale interface: firewalla and firewalla-1.

Any suggestions as to how to deal with this situation? Can TailScale be installed manually, rather than through APT? Firewalla allows for a persistent storage location, but the APT install doesn’t use that.


There are “static builds of the tailscale and tailscaled binaries, as well as a systemd service definition” available here:

I don’t know Firewalla well, but if you could manage to set these binaries up in the persistent storage location, it might work. I found some instructions for making another service persistent on that platform here: