Feature Request: Port-forward from localhost to remote on iOS and iPadOS?

I’m using Tailscale to enable running VSCode Web on my iPad.

See details here: GitHub - ksylvan/remote-coding: Step by step set up for remote Linux development using VSCode code-server in the Web

In order to get the TabNine extension to work, I need to port forward localhost:5555 to the remote host serving my local TabNine server.

The issue is that TailScale on iOS uses a VPN profile, and WebSSH port-forwarding uses its own VPN-Over-SSH VPN profile to enable background port forwarding.

See this: WebSSH port forwarding on iOS 16 does not function if WebSSH is not active window · Issue #742 · isontheline/pro.webssh.net · GitHub

Is there any other way to get port-forwarding working with the TailScale VPN?

Can this be a feature added to TailScale VPN on iOS to port-forward selected ports from localhost to a selected server on the tailscale VPN mesh?