Fast User Switcher

It’s not that it’s really hard, but is there any plans on doing like a fast user switcher, for the Tailscale client ?

Usecase : when you have multiple Tailscale accounts, that you need to switch between. like Home/work etc.

I’m not looking for being able to be attached to several networks at the same time, but it would be nice, if i could login to all my accounts, and the easy switch, on the taskbar, when i need to connect to a different network.

Is this someting that is on the roadmap ?


Hi, i want to join robert for this request. As consultant, working for several customers this would be a great plus for tailscale to switch accountsa and facilitate to work on different networks.

It is indeed on the roadmap. It annoys all of at Tailscale regularly (because we use it at home + work), and it’s becoming a very common request from users.


Just the response i was hoping for :slight_smile:

Thanks :slight_smile:

Any update on when we might see something ?



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+1 for this feature!

+1 for this as well!

+1 i switch several times a day, this would be an awesome time saver.

It took +2 years, and honestly there has been a bit to quiet around it, on the forum.
But it’s finally here :- )

Tested it yesterday, and its really well implemented. So kudos to the Tailscale team.