Excessive data usage

Are you using any other VPN/networking/routing software? Tailscale 1.4.x works around a problem with ZeroTier and Tailscale running at the same time that generated a crazy amount of useless traffic.

No other VPN or routing software on the iOS device or the Ubuntu host either.

iOS mobile data is showing usage of 1.2GB in the past 10 hours, in the past this hasn’t lined up with my actual usage though so I am not 100% sure its accurate (for some reason). The past 10 hours I have hardly been out of wifi reception

What are your Tailscale IPs?

Debugging from the Ubuntu side would be easier. Do you see the same amount of traffic there?

We can also debug together if you book some time: Calendly - Brad Fitzpatrick (iOS)

You’ve raised a decent point I did not think about it like that, I will throw some logging on it and the firewall at my end and see if I can work anything out.

If I get stuck I can reach out regarding debug time, but I really appreciate the offer.

I just experienced the same issue with high data usage on my iPhone yesterday. Blew through 6 Gb of data in a day. Strange thing is: I was playing golf and I did not use my iPhone that day. Noticed at one point battery was at 1% checked battery usage and Tailscale was on top with like 85%. Strange.

I am using Tailscale version 1.4.5

Checked other VPN software. I had VPN installed but not active. Just deleted it. And there are also two WireGuard VPN configs. WireGuard not active.

No Zerotier on iPhone. Perhaps it is installed on my rPi in my home network. I will check this. I have been playing around with Zerotier in the past in my network.

Update: checked rPi in network. No Zerotier installed.

Update 2: I had service discovery enabled (also yesterday). But, I disables it this morning figuring that maybe had something to do with all this data usage. Although I have zero evidence.

As a note I did not have service discovery enabled when I experienced the issue

I’ve just experienced the same thing.

Within the first 2 days after installation on iOS 15.2.1, it blew through 12GB of mobile data. During this time the iPad Mini 6 sat mostly idle and unused.

During the same period on my Android device with mobile data it has used less than 15mb.

I do have an exit point and subnet on my Synology DS918+, that I have accessed on both the iOS and Android devices in roughly equal quantity.

For the moment I have uninstalled it on the iPad for fear of this continuing.

Hi Chad.

Can you email support@tailscale.com and give us the name of the account that you log in to tailscale with? I can investigate.

Thank you. Email sent.

I have been using tailscale for a while now with no problem but since upgrading to IOS15.4 I have high data usage about 1Gb a day even though most of the time I’m on wifi. I am using version 1.22.0 of the app. I’ve got no real evidence at the moment but think it is not picking up wifi once it has mobile data
I have switched off mobile data for tailscale as it has used most/all my data plan
has anyone any ideas or let me know where to look for logs on ios?


I noticed the rapid end of my plan and reset the statistics to see who wastes the traffic. It turned out a strange thing: in the time from the reset of statistics (25th) to the current time (29th), i.e. 4 days, it was spent more than 7 GB of data. Of which 100-200 MB was spent for syncing photos, zooming, streaming music, and 6.7(!!) GB was spent exclusively by Tailscale.
I use output node, but there is no way I could spend that much traffic: my average consumption per month is about 5-10 GB for many months, and exceeded only when I connect my laptop via hotspot. But all those 4 days I didn’t have my laptop connected, I didn’t watch YouTube videos all day long, and so on. How did the Tailscale service waste 6.7 GB

I can’t use Tailscale because my mobile traffic is finite and it just runs out after a few days. I am considering migrating our corporate network(≈300 people) to Tailscale, but with this problem this plan is just not feasible.
https://user-images.githubusercontent.com/3315944/176437058-dd0281c8-5b62-498b-b8b1-9af533ed6980.jpeg https://user-images.githubusercontent.com/3315944/176437070-c5c47693-8023-43f3-9520-b755298a75f9.jpeg

OS version: 15.5
Tailscale version: 1.26.1