Enabling direct connection behind CGNAT

Hey all wanted to see if my problem actually had a solution or is it was even possible!

My Wireless network is behind a CGNAT nat which is a total bummer being a videographer I have always used my nas as a sort of quick drag and drop upload configuration however when the CGNAT came in place none of my original setup works. I have now set up Tailscale between my nas (QNAP ts431) and my Mac and have successfully been able to access it but only through the DERP relay. My thought was adding a VPS with a public ip as an exit node and routing my QNAP through this however doesn’t seem to work. Just wanting to see if there is anything I can possibly do to get a decent networks speed when I’m not at home!

Open to any suggestion!

It is possible to disable ipv4 on your tailnet using a line in your Access Controls:

"disableipv4": true,

This will force all internal connections to use ipv6 instead of the shared address space that conflicts with your carrier’s CGNAT.

I recommend also turning on MagicDNS or another DNS solution to keep things more manageable.