Edge Case: No Admin when Google Account domain is manually migrated

Tailscale version: 1.20.4

Your operating system & version
MacOS X 12.1

Hi Tailscale team, we are having an issue with login and authentication.

  • We have created a tailscale network using Google Auth. under domain aaa
  • We could connect to tailscale admin page for domain aaa
  • Our main domain has been changed manually to bbb (contacted Google support to update the domain name for the same account)
  • We now cannot access the admin for domain bbb at all
  • We now cannot acces the old account aaa

How can we fix this so that we can access domain bbb admin page on tailscale ?

Any help would be greatly appreciated

Hello. You will need to fill out the SSO Change form.

Select “Identity Provider Configuration or Change”

Fantastic, thanks for the link!