Could tailscale agent not be updated from dashboard?

Looks to me that the update of the tailscale agents on the devices is not fluent.
And ofthen when there are updates, there are communication problems after the (partial) update of the network : some are updated, others not etc…
If we count on tailscale to be able to connect to a device, this is problematic… and obliged to keep an alternative open to contact the host.
Could it not be possible to have in the dashboard an option to force the agents / clients to update (remotely) ?
If we plan to use tailscale on multiple low-tech users devices for secure connections to the intranet, it looks to me that the updates have to be more fluent and silent so that we do not have to contact the users and ask them to do “complicated” things…

We have an open feature request here.

Feel free to add any details that you would be interested in seeing.