Connection lost when tailscale actie

Hello, i’ve the problem, when i activate tailscale. i can’t connect to the maschine from the local network.

I’ve installed tailscale on a virtual server by my ISP and declared this maschine by tailscale as exit node.

Then i installed tailscale on a raspbbery pi 3b + in my local network and delared this maschine as subnet router. As example, when i use the mobile android client from an another city, i can connect to all my maschines in my home network.

As next step i installed on an other raspberry pi 3b+ in my local network tailscale to and declared him. that he used the exit node by my ISP on the virtual server. On the desktop of the pi it works all fine, all internet traffic goes over the exit node. Problem: When tailcale is up and all traffic goes over the exit node, i can’t connect example over ssh or other ways to the pi, i must shut down tailscale before, when i want a local connection to the pi, when i want connect him over the local network address.

Give it a result for this problem?