Compatibility with Mi TV Stick

Hi all,

I am trying to run Tailscale on Xiaomi Mi TV Stick (Xiaomi MiTV-AESP0). The device has Android 9.

I first installed the Tailscale app from APKMirror, but couldn’t see the user interface. I then uninstalled and installed app from F-droid. However, I still can not see the Tailscale app user interface.

I connected to the device with adb and was able to authenticate using the link from logcat. Now, I am able to tailscale ping the device from other nodes but not directly using ping. When looking at the output of ip addr, then I do not see any device with the Tailscale IP In logcat I can also see the following entry several times: com.tailscale.ipn: 5.6M/93.7M netcheck: probePortMapServices: failed to look up gateway address.

The IP assigned to the device is

Do you have any recommendations on what I should do for being able to open up the graphical interface and configure the networking on Mi TV Stick? I have adb shell access to the device and can also compile custom Tailscale apk-s on the device.

I guess the black screen is due to:
fatal error: no support for OpenGL ES 3 nor EXT_sRGB

This issue seems to be tracked in #1008

Unfortunately the same problem is on MI Box 4s Unable to start the app on MI Box 4s