Cant log in "running in server mode"

had this up and running on 1 user, set up 2 user (same PC) and am having this error

cant log in due to it being already running in server mode…I’ve tried uninstalling and reinstalling I’ve removed the Machine from Tailscale I’m at a bit of a loss here

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Same thing is happening to me, did you ever resolve this?

I think this was caused by me being logged into tailscale and then joining a new domain, then converting the user profile to the new domain. Its logged in unattended on some user that doesnt exist anymore.

I went into all the %localappdata% folders and removed the tailscale folders. How is this happening!

Tailscale should let the uninstall option remove user settings.
It might cause issues if a user is not around anymore and there isn’t a proper way to remove the user.

And reinstall tailscale.

Yes, uninstall option with “Remove users data” should added.