Can't connect to tailnet on school network

Tailscale version - 1.36.0
Your operating system & version - Linux in ChromeOS, Debian Bullseye

My issue:

I can connect/ping host pc through linux on chromebook while on school wi-fi, but can’t access the tailscale website or any other sites blocked on the network. i check the admin panel on another device, and it shows my chromebook as connected, even though my browsing is still being limited by the wi-fi. Furthermore, when connected to the Windscribe android app, I can both connect to tailscale through terminal, as well as ping my host pc.

Is there some way it’s telling me I’m connected, but still not running my traffic through my tailnet? or is the network just blocking all tailscales traffic?

again, sorry if these are all nooby questions, super new to all this