Cannot use TS if another user is connected

I didn’t find other topics where this was already discussed so I’m writing a new one:

I found on one Windows10 NB with two users that is not possible to connect TS on both, even though the first user is not active/logged in, when you login into the second and try to connect to TS will issue an error message

The only way I found out is to login to the first user, disconnect TS in there, then login to the second user and connect to TS network from there…

Is this the only way? Obviously it’s not very convenient
I’d like to have every user able to connect/disconnect to the TS network independently

Not sure if this will work for you but in the client, right click, preferences>Run as Unattended.

Then in Access Controls Screen, add:

"tagOwners": {
	"tag:group1name":   [""],
	"tag:group2name": [""],

under ACLS section, add routes for those tags

			"action": "accept",
			"src":    ["tag:group1name"],
			"dst":    ["tag:group1name:*"]
			"action": "accept",
			"src":    ["tag:group2name"],
			"dst":    ["tag:group2name:*"]

Then go to Machines and Edit ACLS Tags on those machines and set them to the drop down list