Cannot Ping home network devices from android phone

I’m trying to access my Jellyfin server on a QNAP nas from outside my home network from an Android phone using Tailscale and am being unsuccessful.
I’ve installed Tailscale on my QNAP nas, my Android phone, and my Windows 10 desktop. FYI - I’m also using a Google Nest WIFI router.
I cannot connect in from outside the home network on the android Jellyfin app.
I can connect using my local network IP address (192.xx.xx.xx) with no problem.
Using my Windows 10 pc I can see all three machines on the Tailscale dashboard. They all 3 show connected.
I can open a cmd prompt on my Windows 10 PC and successfully ping my NAS and Phone using the 100.xx.xx.xx IP addresses supplied my Tailscale.
However I cannot ping my NAS or PC from my Android phone using the 100.xx.xx.xx IP addresses.
I installed the “Hello” machine from Tailscale ( also. I can ping that address succefully from my Android phone.
Thank you for any help!