Cannot connect to Raspberry Pi via web browser

I successfully installed, ping and ssh’d into my raspberry pi 4, but when I tried accessing via a web browser (I’ve tried several with the same result), the log in screen comes up, but even though I put in the correct username and password and hit Return, it never successfully connects, but goes back to the same log in screen. In the login box, there is a message saying “Your password will be sent unencrypted”.

My questions are:
(1) Does anyone know how to resolve this?
(2) Does signing in with a web browser offer the same GUI access to raspberry pi like the VNC client would?

Thank you in advance for any help.

Hi, could you give a little more information what webserver is running on your Pi and what it is serving? a static page? is there a redirect after login? do you use SSL?

Hi, thank you for responding, and I hope my noobiness doesn’t drive you away…
I am running the Raspberry Pi Os (bullseye) on the Pi and at this moment, I’m not using it for any specific services. I’m thinking of checking out how to use it as a DNS server and an Access Point.

When I try to login, it keeps bringing me back to the same login box. No other messages. If I then choose Cancel on Safari, I get “Not authorized”.

In regards to SSL, I tried accessing Pi by adding https:// in front of the IP address, but that doesn’t work at all. Doesn’t get to my Pi.

NOTE: I have successfully connected to my Pi using Terminal. I am wondering if I can connect to Pi GUI using Tailscale, and why I cannot connect using the web browser.