Can Tailscaled on macOS be updated remotely?

I’m running Tailscale on a macOS machine (Mac App Store version). When there’s a Tailscale update, it can’t be applied remotely on this machine because the Mac App Store can’t update running apps.

Would tailscaled be a workaround for this? i.e. can tailscaled be updated remotely on macOS?

There is no built-in mechanism for this. Theoretically you could ssh into the machine and do an upgrade remotely via the console.

Manually via ssh would be fine for sure, can anyone confirm whether this is doable?

Three ways to run Tailscale on macOS · Tailscale describes several possibilities:

  1. Tailscaled-on-macOS
  2. The CLI command to ask the App Store to update: mas install 1475387142

Thanks very much DGentry, I’ll try updating via CLI with mas when the next macOS update is pushed and go from there