Can NordVPN and Tailscale work together on MacOS Big Sur

Hi there,

I just installed Tailscale on MacOS Big Sur and on my other machines, and I love the simplicity of it - thanks!

I also have a NordVPN subscription and when I have TailScale running on my Mac, my network connection drops. When I disable TailScale, I have network connectivity again. I have tried switching the order the application starts, for instance, start NordVPN first, then Tailscale and vice versa, and I have the same issue.

So my question is, can you have NordVPN and TailScale run at the same time on the same machine?


I was trying out the DNS feature of Tailscale and I made an error in the entry, and that is why the connection failed.

It appears to be working now with both NordVPN and Tailscale running. Back to more reading and understanding of how DNS works with Tailscale :slight_smile: