Bypass geoblocking

latest version
Zorin LINUX and Mint

I am often abroad and then I cant view German Mediathek Videos due to Geovlocking.

No I consider to rent a virtual server in Germany, install a small Linux, Tailscale and define this server a Exit Node.

what do you thing. Will this work?
BR Karl

Yes this should work. If you use the exit node when abroad, then all your traffic will be rerouted through your exit node and look like it’s coming from there (i.e. from Germany).

finaly I bought this server (I chose Debian) , installed Tailscale but now…I have this exit node… but trying in watching GEO blocked videos on ARD already pops up the same message as before. Can I do something else?

Have you confirmed that your IP address (when using the exit node) is actually coming from Germany?
Via a service like or, etc.

If it is but you are still blocked, then it might be the case that the service you want to visit is using other methods to detect your location (probably in addition to IP address checking).

Make sure to disable location services and webrtc, as they can leak your location.

Well, I checked that I am surfing with a German IP… then I opened Google Chrome, Privacy and Security and disabled “location services”. Until now no success…

Where and how can I disable webrtc?

This has a good explanation of the WebRTC leak in general, as well as how to test for the leak and instructions for how to disable it in various browsers: WebRTC leaks: what they are and how to prevent them | TechRadar

If you’re using Chrome you have to use an extension. Personally I’d recommend WebRTC Control.

jupidu… it works now…
with a small investment of 1€/month and your help at least I could accomplish my goal.

Thank you very much

Is that small investment for a VPS, by any chance? :grin:
In any case, I’m glad you got it working, kudos! :beers:

YES Sir! :wink:
them smallest virtual server at I could buy… Tailscale installed and … tataaaa!!!

Cancelled Netflix immediately… German Mediatheks offers are great enough for my humble demands.

Hehe, I did the same a while ago. :smiley:
I went with a NAT VPS for now, which is even cheaper, though less reliable. It’s mainly as an experiment to test the waters before I choose a more permanent VPS. But everything was relatively straightforward to set up, so I might go shopping for a more permanent VPS soon.^^

Anyways, enjoy your Mediathek! :muscle: