Blank white screen with Synology web UI?

A while ago I used to just go to the Tailscale DNS name I gave to my Synology NAS to access the web UI, and it used to work. But I just tried that and I’m getting a white screen, whereas when I go access it via IP it works fine.

Accessing files works fine via Tailscale, and doing a curl to access the source for the web UI works via Tailscale, so it seems like some recent update (either to Tailscale, or Synology’s web UI frontend code) broke something.

This is happening on my DS1861+ with DSM 7.1-42661 Update 4 and a side-loaded 1.28.0.


http://bucket/ doesn’t work. does.

avidriss@nightstalker ~> host bucket
bucket.localdomain has address

Wrong domain name. Whoops, don’t mind me.