Battery drain on Android

Noticed today that over a period of a week, tailscale stood for 26% of all usage (24% of all usage since last charge).

Since last charge it used over twice of what 2th place (chrome) that only used 11% (chrome used 18% of all battery usage on 1 week, 8% less then tailscale).

Did a search on this forum, but found only same problem related to ios, nothing on Android.
So i was woundering if anyone else is having the same drainage on android from tailscale as me, or can it only be a phone/configuration issue on my side?

And if it would be other with same drain of power from tailscale.
Is this something that is a known problem?

Would have posted screenshot of usage, but new user, and were not allowed to post media yet then :frowning:

Tailscale Versjon 1.25.35-te3619b890-ge66e57fbb08
Running [b]Android 12[/b] Build
[b]SP1A.210812.016.G975FXXUEHVC6[/b] @ [b]Samsung Galaxy S10 (SM-G975F/DS)[/b]

– BjornI aka DjChain –



I have the same issue on my phone.

It was not the case with older versions of tailscale on android. The battery drain has been introduced in the last versions.

If i let tailscale run in background, it drains up to 40% of my battery.

So now i only run tailscale when necessary, which is very annoying because there is no widget option in their app…

I hope that they will solve this issue soon…

am getting this too, tailscale 1.36.1 uses way to much battery :confused:

Samsung S20 FE
Android 13