Automate installing newest synology/mips release

Hi there,

Is there a way to reference the latest release on either the tailscale-synology repo or the mips packages?

Would be great if > redirected to the newest version (or some other URL was possible).

As well, would it be problematic to have a latest tag on the tailscale/tailscale-synology repo so one could know you’re getting the most recent version without any logic?

Otherwise, I don’t think this is possible without querying the Github API and then pulling off the first item in the list of releases but I may be incorrect here.


For Synology (which luckily has jq and wget) this seemed to suffice:

 curl -sq "" \
            | jq -r ".assets[] | select(.name | contains(\"arm.spk\")) | .browser_download_url" \
            | wget -O tailscale.spk -qi -