Accessing Windows 10 to Windows 10 or Android to Windows 10


I just started using tailscale and I have installed it on a few machines. I have no problem accessing my PiHole sever using tailscale but if I want to access my windows 10 machine from another windows 10 machine or my windows 10 machine from Android I just get a connection refused. Could somebody point me in the right direction on how to get it to work for remote administration. I would like to connect to my computer from android if possible…I would also like to connect to another windows 10 device form my windows 10 computer. It should be noted that I have Windows10 Home. If there is already documentation on this a link would be appreciated. My googlefu is failing me. Thank you.

That it is getting connection refused means that Tailscale did connect to the remote Windows machine: you’d get a timeout or destination unreachable otherwise.

Were you trying to connect to RDP? Connection refused means the remote Windows machine sent back that no RDP service was running. I think you need to enable RDP: Remote Desktop - Allow access to your PC | Microsoft Docs

Thanks for the reply DGentry. You were right, I needed to enable RDP. I was having issues because I was working on my Windows 10 Home computer. I tried it on my SurfacePro which has Windows 10 Pro, enabled RDP, downloaded an RDP client on my android and boom I was in. I figured it was something stupid easy that I was over looking. Thank you. I hope this may help some other new users.